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However, that review was ad hoc, not systematic, and thus not reliable. Peer-reviewed documentation of the non-systematic nature of this review is here. To be credible and trustworthy, the review on saturated fats needs to start from scratch and importantly, capture the long-ignored, large clinical trials on saturated fats. For a backgrounder on this long-overlooked data on saturated fats, see this.

In sum, there are a number of profoundly important issues affecting not just specific topics being reviewed by the DGA but the whole of the Dietary Guidelines itself. Without a rigorous scientific methodology, USDA-HHS will very likely be perpetuating a nutrition policy based on weak foundational evidence.

Bolivia: End came swiftly for Evo Morales but crisis has deep roots

The Issue. Widespread Criticism. Congress Is Concerned. Health Not Improving. Nutritionally Inadequate Recommendations. Dietary Guidelines Science Is Not Settled. Who We Are. Board of Directors. Scientific Council. Our Newsletter. Newsletter Archive. Sign Up.

Download e-book Repeating Mistakes (Sunday Morning)

October 31, To conclude: In sum, there are a number of profoundly important issues affecting not just specific topics being reviewed by the DGA but the whole of the Dietary Guidelines itself. Make a Comment or Attend a Meeting. Table of contents. This map lists their names and locations, and their CEOs. The climate crisis may be too complex for these people to solve, but naming and shaming them is a good start.

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Here is Why You Keep Repeating The Same Mistakes

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Surprising Science. Losing sleep over rude colleagues? Build a 'psychological buffer.

What is the origin of thinking? A new book argues that it's action, not language. Knowing the stages of neurological development can make you a better parent. Cambridge scientists create a successful "vaccine" against fake news. Bernie Sanders' student debt plan bails out the rich. Young cannabis users worse at spotting changes in facial emotions. Two officers fired for not confronting Parkland school shooter.


Why a great education means engaging with controversy. Yahoo News Photo Staff. Yahoo News Video. Yahoo View. Entertainment Tonight. Subscribe now. Shape Created with Sketch. The Democrat challengers to Trump in Show all The Vermont senator has announced that he will be running again in after losing out to Hilary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. He intends to run on a similar platform of democratic socialist reform. The former vice president - poised to be a frontrunner - has announced his run.

He recently faced scrutiny for inappropriate touching of women, but was thought to deal with the criticism well. The Massachusetts Senator has formally launched her bid for president in A progressive Democrat, she is a major supporter of regulating Wall Street.

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The New York mayor announced his bid on 16 May He emerged in as a leading voice in the left wing of his party but has struggled to build a national profile and has suffered a number of political setbacks in his time as mayor. The Indiana mayor and war veteran will be running for president.

  • Love & Fury, a Medieval Masquerade.
  • Morales and MAS party repeated most basic historical errors of Latin American populists!
  • Learning the Lessons of the Past.
  • Red Card?
  • The former Texas congressman formally launched his bid for the presidency in March. He intends to run on a progressive platform, stating that the US is driven by "gross differences in opportunity and outcome". The Montana governor announced his bid on 14 May. He stated "We need to defeat Donald Trump in and defeat the corrupt system that lets campaign money drown out the people's voice, so we can finally make good on the promise of a fair shot for everyone.