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I assume this is what it's like being at the Playboy Mansion. Suddenly the mutated bat grabs me and pulls me underwater.

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From the flavour text I get that she's trying to be all playful and adorable but, y'know what? This is exactly how the Brides in the Bath killer used to operate - grabbing women's feet and jerking them underwater so they would lose consciousness instantly and then drown. Somewhere between the sonar, the abandonment, the eugenics and the fact I went through a phase of reading Wikipedia articles on serial killers, I fear this date is beyond saving.


This is slightly awkward because I too am a male cuttlefish and we are both seeking the attentions of a lady cuttlefish. The confusion has arisen because I was scared of the other male cuttlefish on account of his size and promptly disguised myself as a lady cuttlefish, changing my skin colour to something a little more feminine and hiding my two most manly tentacles from view. But what began as a fishtank farce swiftly enters darker waters. The stroking turns to probing and it occurs to me that the costume change may have been an error of judgement.

I am proven right when another click of the mouse leads to a situation the cuttlefish legal system might not be up to the challenge of unpicking. Was this satire? Immediately a bashful lady cuttlefish shows up. In my confused state I hit on her and the situation escalates almost as rapidly as with the male. I am in the guise of a baker at this point and my skills are such that the dessert I created and stored in the fridge has now come to life and is harbouring romantic intentions towards me.

Initially the arrangement seemed a bit 'Doctor Frankenstein goes to cookery school' but as time passes I realise that, as both progenitor and love interest, the sim has cast me as Jocasta of Thebes in a chef's hat while the cake plays the part of Oedipus. But, despite the high drama of Sophocles' plays on exactly the same subject, nothing tragic actually happens to my characters. Disappointed, I take matters into my own hands and imagine a future wherein we had a couple of choux bun baby boys who ripped the bakery business apart in their fight over who would inherit it and a raisin-encrusted daughter called Antiscone which, by the way, sets the bar for pun references to Greek tragedy and baked goods on PC Gamer pretty low who ends up expiring, trapped in her own presentation box.

The Pulse Pounding Heart Stopping Dating Sim Jam: a romantic round-up

It's getting late but I adjust my meat hairclip not a euphemism and smile up at the Tyrannosaurus rex. The dinosaur blushes and asks whether we can hang out a little while longer. The "good outcome" answer is randomly chosen after the choice is made, weighted towards the moral choice.

By choosing this benefit for a Sim, the player trades a reduced chance of success for many choices for the certainty that any choice will have a high chance of success. Sometimes, there is a chance of the rare double promotion, as is seen when an Executive in the Business career is promoted to Vice President, skipping the job level of Senior Manager.

There are even a few extremely rare chance cards that can bring a Sim from the middle of a career track to the top. For example, one possible outcome of the chance card for the Rogue Botanist level 6 job in the Natural Scientist track is promotion to Ecological Guru, the top job in that track. Chance cards do not appear much in The Sims 3 , as they were generally replaced by job opportunities. There are still a few chance cards that appear, which usually occur from off-screen event or during a rabbit hole visit.

Six Sides of Seduction - Callum Buckmaster

Choosing an option or decision will notify the outcome, and the results may reward Sims some moodlets , money, or other outcomes such as promotion, demotion, or getting fired. Unlike The Sims 2 and The Sims Stories , they involve less detailed scenarios and there is no ignore button.

THE SIMS 4 w/ FiZone! - YOGSCAST JINGLE JAM - 23rd December 2017

Adventures, such as through a mausoleum , the Arboretum , a hole in the ground , a time machine , or a magic wardrobe , involve multiple chance cards. In The Sims Medieval , chance cards may appear if a Hero Sim is shopping at the Shoppe even if no items were bought or sold , sleeping in a bed, on an Adventure, Hunting, or Patrolling the forest.

As in other games, some choices will have negative effects. For example, when Help Muggers fails, the Sim will be arrested unless he or she a Monarch and will get a Major Laceration buff. As in The Sims 3 , there is no ignore button. In The Sims 4 , chance cards can appear while Sims are at work or at school. Each career level has multiple chance cards, with the same chance card reappearing at several levels.

Often they produce Moodlets as well as their effects on performance. The music was awesome too, congrats to you and Yobob. Good job!! Fun quirky little game, actually took me a bout an hour to find everything, and i do mean just to find and do everything, i think i clicked on everything three times. Hahaha I really do need to make a nice little walkthrough guide! I'm so glad you enjoyed it I have so many ideas on things to add! Do you feel some nsfw images when you unlock the guys and girls would improve things?

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